New York, NY

906Music Group, Located in the heart 
 of New York City, is a production management
 company serving an array of industry genres. 
This company provides you with full 
service to assist you in all your 
creative needs. 906 music group 
services include but are not 
limited to recording, managing and 
Although 906 music group is a
 record label they are now expanding themselves to grasp the jest of many other categories.
 As 906 music group steps 
into this fabulous world of talent
 and creativity, they are taking their 
affiliates along with them. 
Which is why this site is a vital 
aspect of our Industry.
906Music.com 906 Music Group 
is a Network of Professionals 
who have come together to create 
a place to nurture up and coming talent 
and entrepreneurs.
 Our goal is to assist you, the talent, with a range 
of materials to help you reach success
 in this industry. Chat with other
 industry professionals. Receive updates 
on the latest news and events going on in
 your area. Upload photos, videos, and so 
much more. Share your network with others
 in hope of reaching your goals. Post 
casting calls and wanted ads in search of 
the best. Use this site as your personal 
networking life line. Please keep in mind that your NETWORK is your NETWORTH!